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Religious Education

For those who are baptized into Christ in their earliest years, formation in our Orthodox Faith is a life-long process. It takes place by participation in the liturgical life of the Church and by faithful observance of Orthodox teachings and traditions in our homes and in our daily lives. The services offered on a regular basis at our Cathedral on Sundays — Orthros (Dawn Prayers), and the Divine Liturgy — are the voice of the faithful offering prayers and praise to God, but also work to help reveal to us the depths of God’s truth, to instruct us in faith.

Despite this, in many places in the United States, it has become common for our communities to offer religious education as a separate and distinct aspect of our Sunday gatherings. Our Cathedral is no exception to this, and it is served by many volunteers who direct, teach, and assist with age-appropriate lessons.

This Religious Education or “Church Sunday School” has as its aim to reinforce the teachings of the Church, by weaving into the experience of worship lessons in Scripture, concepts of our Faith, and understanding of the Church’s liturgical year. Additionally, our youth have opportunities to put words into action, learning that faith entails commitment, responsibility, and discipline. All of these aspects of religious education feed back into family life.

REGISTRATION AND ATTENDANCE:  Pre-School, 3-year olds through High School seniors.  Classes commence in September and conclude in May.  Children, their families, and their instructors gather in the Cathedral for the Divine Liturgy.  Children sit in pews designated for the Sunday School, by grade. The time of classroom instruction for all grades begins after the Great Entrance, and concludes at the end of the Divine Liturgy.

Greek [Language] School

We offer both a youth and adult Greek language classes. The curriculum includes all aspects of modern Greek language, including reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary building with an emphasis on conversation. Each student should strive to master their grade’s objectives so that they can advance to the next grade.

Greek School meets on Fridays from 5:15 PM to 7:45 PM starting in early September and through the third Friday in May.

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