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Little Angels

Little Angels is focused on the youngest stewards of our Cathedral and meets monthly.

Parents and grandparents join the children as they gather to learn the "ABCs of Orthodoxy", and have fun doing it. During each session the children visit the Chapel of the Holy Wisdom where they light their candles, venerate the icons, learn how to make the sign of the Cross, and learn about an upcoming feast day. Related crafts are usually done in the cribbery, and other activities include field trips to the National Aquarium and the Maryland Zoo.


The Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education (HOPE) program is for children ages 5-8, and the Junior Orthodox Youth (JOY) program is geared toward children ages 9-12.

Children at this age are very impressionable, and it is during this time that the most important work can be done. Activities include retreats, field trips, excursions, and bible camp.

Dance Groups

Each dance group commits to authentic Greek dances from different parts of Greece and competes at the Folk Dance Festival (FDF) of the Metropolis of New Jersey. In addition, dance groups will perform at church festivals in and around the Baltimore area. There is a nominal annual fee to help defray the cost of costumes which we provide to each dancer.

Filakia: Entering Grades 1 through 4. As the youngest dance group, we help the children learn basic Greek dances and prepare them for the next dance group.

Diamantia: Entering Grades 5 through 8.

Evangelakia: Entering Grades 9 through 12.

Greek Language School

The Greek School curriculum includes all aspects of modern Greek language, including reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary building with an emphasis on conversation. Each student should strive to master their grade’s objectives so that they can advance to the next grade.

Greek School meets on Fridays from 5:15 PM to 7:45 PM starting in early September and through the third Friday in May.

Inquire about Greek School


The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) is the ministry for junior high and high school Orthodox Christian teenagers. Our efforts lead our young people to experience the Orthodox Faith and to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. GOYA also provides a valuable opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships through our faith and culture.

Some of our activities include make blankets for Sarah's Hope, painting Believe mugs for cancer patients, singing Christmas carols at Assisted Living facilities, and answering phones during the Radiothon for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Each year, our GOYA hosts a two-day Basketball Tournament for 20+ teams from Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. We welcome over 400 GOYA players, coaches, priests, parents, families, and friends. Each year we donate some of the proceeds to charities and orphanages.

Sunday School

For those who are baptized into Christ in their earliest years, formation in our Orthodox Faith is a life-long process. It takes place by participation in the liturgical life of the Church and by faithful observance of Orthodox teachings and traditions in our homes and in our daily lives. The services offered on a regular basis at our Cathedral on Sundays— Orthros (Morning Prayers), and the Divine Liturgy— are the voice of the faithful offering prayers and praise to God, but also work to help reveal to us the depths of God’s truth, to instruct us in faith.

Despite this, in many places in the United States, it has become common for our communities to offer religious education as a separate and distinct aspect of our Sunday gatherings. Our Cathedral is no exception to this, and it is served by many volunteers who direct, teach, and assist with age-appropriate lessons.

This Religious Education or “Church Sunday School” has as its aim to reinforce the teachings of the Church, by weaving into the experience of worship lessons in Scripture, concepts of our Faith, and understanding of the Church’s liturgical year. Additionally, our youth have opportunities to put words into action, learning that faith entails commitment, responsibility, and discipline. All of these aspects of religious education feed back into family life.


Pre-Nursery (3-year olds) through High School seniors. Classes commence in September and conclude in May. Children, their families, and their instructors gather in the Cathedral for the Divine Liturgy. Children sit in pews designated for the Sunday School by grade. The time of classroom instruction for all grades begins after the Great Entrance, and concludes at the end of the Divine Liturgy.


No cost. All may register their children into the program. For further information, contact Maria Durham, Sunday School Director:
Office Telephone: (410) 576-8606
E-mail: mariaerey [AT] aol [DOT] com


 First day of Sunday School

 Blessing of the Backpacks immediately following Communion.

 9/22/19  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 9/29/19  Class
 10/6/19  Class
 10/13/19  No Class - Church Festival
 10/20/19  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 10/27/19  No Class - Family Worship
 11/3/19  Class
 11/10/19  Class - St. Nektarios - Procession after Communion
 11/17/19  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 11/24/19  No Class - Family Worship
 12/1/19  Class
 12/8/19  Class

 Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion

 Christmas Breakfast after Communion

12/22/19  No Class - Merry Christmas!
 12/29/19  No Class - New Years
 1/5/20  Epiphany - Children remain in church
 1/12/20  Class
 1/19/20  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 1/26/20  No Class - Family Worship
 2/2/20  Class
 2/9/20  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 2/16/20  Class
 2/23/20  No Class - Family Worship
 3/1/20  Class
 3/8/20  Class - Sunday of Orthodoxy - Bring icons for procession after Communion
 3/15/20  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 3/22/20  Class
 3/29/20  No Class - Family Worship
 4/5/20  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion
 4/12/20  No Class - Palm Sunday
 4/19/20  No Class - Happy Easter
 4/26/20  Class
 5/3/20  Class - Music for grades 3-8 before Communion 
 5/10/20  Last Day of Sunday School

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship)

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a national ministry to serve Orthodox faithful in neighboring colleges and universities. Meetings typically consist of a meal prepared by our Philoptochos, a discussion on a faith-based topic, and fellowship, either at our Cathedral or on campus.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals is a ministry for young adults between the ages of 19 and 35. Meetings are once a month and typically consist of a meal and faith-based discussion. The Young Professionals also volunteer at Cathedral and community events.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

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