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Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 01, 2022 7:36 AM | Anonymous

"Grant us seasonable weather and fruitful seasons; send gentle showers upon the earth so that it may bear fruit; bless the crown of the year of Your goodness." (Saint Basil the Great).

Beloved parishioners and friends of the Annunciation Cathedral -

With much anticipation, the year 2022 is upon us today.  It is a time in which we begin to make resolutions, committing an opportunity to make changes in our lives.

Today is that new beginning - and whatever we resolve, let’s all make that change in our lives to intensify our prayer life.  Beginning our day, pausing throughout the day, and ending the day with prayer creates a different atmosphere in our life.

COVID19 has prevented so much, and we hear the same words that we want back our “sense of normalcy.”  It is today that in our spiritual journey we realize there is nothing abnormal at all, but rather things take place in our own coming closer to Christ.  

The life of the church continues.  There were not any services missed, the continuation of all things proceeded - maybe not in the same way we knew as “normal,” but in a way that continued to serving our Lord.  

Church is home, and it is very important we remember that.  There are things we have missed over these last few months, the holidays were different, and we make every effort to stay connected with one another.  God-willing, we return and have that opportunity to greet one another with more than an elbow tap or a wave.  

Through that simple action of keeping your church in your prayers, we remember all of our faithful and those surrounding us.  

Saint Basil the Great, whom we commemorate today, offers a simple prayer during the Divine Liturgy - “reunite those separated.”  

May continue to share in the joy of the Love of Christ.  Let us resolve today to grow stronger spiritually and come closer to Him.

On behalf of myself, Trevor, the Parish Council, and all ministries of the Cathedral, I thank you for your constant outpouring of love and care.  May we have a blessed 2022 and the years to come!

With blessings in Christ,
Father Dean

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation

24W Preston St, Baltimore, MD
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