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What is Stewardship?
Stewardship is a Christian system of supporting the work of Christ and the Church through the giving of time, service, and financial resources according to individual ability, commitment and financial capability.

The Christian Stewardship program of Church support is an opportunity to respond to Christ’s love by perpetuating our Church’s mission. Stewardship means to give our time, service and financial resources to spread the word of the Gospel.

What Does the Bible Say?
A Steward, according to the Bible, is one who manages the gifts entrusted to him by God for his welfare and for the perpetuation of the Lord’s work.

Our money and possessions are not ours, but on loan. When we give to the Church we return to God, the Owner, His rightful portion. The more we are given, the more will be expected of us.

Christ Multiplies Our Gifts
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, sent His Disciples into the crowd to ask that they give what they could for the benefit of all. May we be encouraged, knowing that He will bless our efforts and multiply our own gifts today, just as He did that day, making our individual sacrifice an abundance.

Money Enables Ministry
Money is a necessary tool for ministry. The Church’s mission of salvation and evangelism depends directly on your generosity, which supports your Parish, Metropolis and Archdiocese.

Your Stewardship
In making a decision, keep in mind that the expenses of our Parish increase every year. In order to meet our expenses and grow in ministry, Stewards should strive to increase their commitment annually. Also, as Jesus taught us that giving should be done quietly, generously and out of the sight of others, your Stewardship Commitment is kept in confidence. If you wish to revise your commitment during the year for any reason, you may notify the Church Office.

Stewards are Parishioners in Good Standing
A Stewardship Commitment or pledge qualifies husband and wife for married couples and single adults as stewards. Family members over 18 years of age, who are employed, must make their own Stewardship Commitment.

Become a Steward

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