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5 Tips for Prayer at Home

Sunday, March 29, 2020 11:05 AM | Anonymous
  1. Dear Cathedral Community,

    Here are the 5 tips for worship at home from today's sermon. I hope you find them useful during these difficult times. Go to our Live-Stream page to view the whole sermon.

  2. In Christ,

  3. Dress up for services
    • On Sundays, try to offer your “Sunday best” as a sacrifice to God.
  4. Create a place for prayer
    • If you are able to watch the service from a laptop, tablet, or phone, take it into a quiet room, close the blinds, light a candle, silence your phone, and remove all distractions. Create an environment that is conducive to prayer.
  5. Pray as you pray in church
    • Stand up, make the Sign of the Cross, follow along in a service book or text, or sing along with the live-stream. You are attending the service, and your prayers are added to ours.
  6. Keep a Sabbath
    • Dedicating Sunday to God Put away work and distractions. Read a little Scripture or something spiritually edifying. Spend time contemplating one of Fr. Dean’s “spiritual wisdom” quotes. Enjoy family time. See how long you can go without electronics. Find some way to make "the Lord’s day" different than other days of the week
  7. Take advantage of new opportunities
    • If you now have a more flexible schedule, use this time to participate in services and events that you may not have in the past. We have Great Compline on Monday evenings and the Akathist Hymn on Friday evenings. Today after Liturgy there’s a virtual coffee hour and online Sunday School, and we’re going to start offering some youth and young adult meetings online. So look for these opportunities to participate whenever you are able.

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